FD gazellen award 2023

Dear Chemploy Superstars,

Strap on your running shoes and get ready to throw some confetti because Chemploy has clinched the FD Gazellen Award for the second time! It’s a moment for celebration, and also a moment to wonder if we accidentally stumbled into the race of life without realizing it.

Every morning at Chemploy, a colorful mix of gazelles, lions, and the occasional lost kangaroo wake up with only one thought: to run faster than yesterday. It almost feels like we’re part of an African wilderness, but with more coffee breaks.

In our own version of the “Every morning in Africa” ritual, where we ponder who can score the fastest coffee today, we’ve learned at Chemploy that standing still is not only a recipe for losing caffeine but also for missing out on the FD Gazellen Award.

This award isn’t just for the swift runners; it’s also for those who occasionally stumble and then pretend it’s an advanced running style. Whether you’re a gazelle, a lion, a kangaroo, or just a coffee enthusiast, we celebrate our quirky family that has the power to come together and grow.

So, as we give a high-five to the fastest coffee maker and wink at those who occasionally trip (you know who you are), let’s keep running, growing, and laughing on this beautiful journey we call Chemploy.

With a smile and confetti,

Team Chemploy