What is Chemistry in Employment?

Like all great companies, we strive for the best results, value excellence, and satisfied customers…


What is special about Chemploy though is how we:

  • Are guided by our 10 principles
  • Contribute to your personal growth and development
  • Envision management and leadership
  • Solve for the customer #SFTC
  • Offer extraordinary benefits for extraordinary people

How We Work and what we offer

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Our 10 Principles

  1. Integrity is within the core of all we we do.
  2. Stewardship:  We put safety first and drive environmental excellence
  3. Humility. We are humble, intellectually honest and deal with reality constructively. .
  4. Respect We respect ourselves all others and the planet we live on. .
  5. Human. We are peoples people.
  6. Diversity. We embrace the things that make us different.
  7. Responsible. We are accountable and take responsibility
  8. Action. Our deeds are righteous, honest, smart, well considered and challenge thestatus quo.
  9. Grow and Develop. We stimulate growth, share and multiply knowledge.
  10. Win-win! We have a mindset of mutual benefit.

Growth & Development

Two ways to grow at Chemploy:
#1.Develop your talents and skills to achieve mastery. Make the magic happen.


#2.Provide fabulous training, coaching and support to those who are doing #1.
In order to help you achieve this, we offer:
  • 1:1 specialized and individual coaching and training programs
  • Free books and an impressive library of information, books, tools, norms and standards
  • Free meals; take someone out and learn something
  • The opportunity to attend webinars, events and networking opportunities

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Management & leadership

  • We are professionals and we manage ourselves rather than being managed
  • We lead by example. We coach others to become best in class and are coached by others that help us learn and develop.
  • We refrain from ineffective policies and working methods that block succes. Social media policy, travel policy, work from home policy, buy a round of drinks policy etc etc all comes down to our 3 word policy that depicts all our policies:

“Use Good Judgement”


Solve For The Customer #SFTC

Rather than responding to the input of our client we ask smart questions before we react. Bringing witty answers and smart solutions. Not more questions.


#SFTC is about building strong relations and a structured and methodical way of solving challenges:
  1. Get understanding first
  2. Develop solutions that work, based on understanding
  3. Implement these solutions & do what it takes
  4. Evaluate your work and go back to step #1

Your Benefits

Extraordinary People, 7 Extraordinary Employment Conditions:

  1. Best in class salary
  2. Unlimited number of holidays as long as you get the job done as you have promised. Your work life balance is secure
  3. No clauses ( No competition clause, study clause, relationship clauses whatever)
  4. Free meals & unlimited free books to help you learn
  5. Excellent relocation services (visa sponsorship, housing, school, administrative services)
  6. Outstanding mobility plan
  7. Individual 1:1 coaching and training

Need anything extra? (eg a bike, home office, quit smoking, an exercise plan or just a bag of Dorito’s?) Just ask!


Give us a call or send us a message. We love to meet!

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