Chemical engineering is a dynamic field that blends scientific and engineering principles to design, develop, and manage processes that involve the transformation of raw materials into valuable products. While technical expertise is undoubtedly essential, the role of chemical engineers is not limited to laboratory experiments and plant operations alone. In today’s competitive and ever-evolving business landscape, having business savviness is equally crucial. Last month, we kicked off our Business Savvy 2023 program. Read here why we do it.

So first…What is Business Savviness about?

Business Savviness, often referred to as business acumen, is the ability to understand and navigate the business aspects of an organization. It encompasses a range of skills and knowledge related to finance, marketing, management, and strategic decision-making. For chemical engineers, business savviness goes beyond traditional engineering competencies and delves into the realm of commerce and industry, and you know us! Going beyond the traditional and expand our horizon is what we thrive by.

Why is it important? For a couple of reasons:

  1. Sound Finances

In the chemical industry, financial considerations play a pivotal role, especially in the design phase. Understanding cost structures, pricing strategies, and profit margins is crucial for any chemical engineer. Business-savvy chemical engineers can identify cost-saving opportunities and develop innovative strategies to maximize profitability, contributing directly to the bottom line.

  1. Market Awareness

We need to stay attuned to market trends and customer preferences. Business savviness allows us to gather market intelligence, identify emerging opportunities, and make informed decisions to meet customer demands effectively. Knowledge of marketing concepts and strategies can help us position our products and the products of our clients competitively.

  1. Strategic Decision-Making

We often find ourselves at the crossroads of strategic decision-making. These decisions can have far-reaching implications for our company and our clients futures. Business-savvy engineers are better equipped to analyze risks, evaluate investment opportunities, and align their technical expertise with the broader goals and vision of the organization.

  1. Communication and Collaboration

The ability to communicate effectively with non-technical stakeholders, such as sales, marketing, and finance professionals, is a hallmark of business savviness and so it is with us. Everyday, we collaborate seamlessly with these teams to ensure a successful product launch, project execution, or business expansion. Strong communication skills foster a productive work environment and ensure everyone is on the same page.

  1. Project Management

We lead or participate in projects that require careful planning and execution. Business savviness equips us with project management skills, allowing us to define project scopes, set objectives, allocate resources efficiently, and deliver projects on time and within budget.

  1. Adaptation to Market Shifts

Our world is in a constant state of flux. We understand that we must adapt to changes in regulations, market conditions, and customer expectations. Business-savvy engineers can help organizations navigate these changes by implementing strategies that ensure sustainability and growth. How nice is that?

  1. Entrepreneurial Pursuits

Many of our people aspire to start their businesses or engage in entrepreneurial endeavors. As a matter of fact, we look particularly for this ambition in people. Business savviness is a foundational skill in this regard. It empowers us to create, manage, and grow our  ventures, leveraging their technical knowledge and innovative solutions to address market needs.


Business savviness is a multifaceted skill set that empowers us to bridge the gap between technical knowledge and business acumen. In an increasingly competitive and dynamic industry, chemical engineers with a strong understanding of business concepts and practices are better equipped to drive profitability, make strategic decisions, and contribute significantly to the overall success of their organizations. As our field continues to evolve, the importance of business savviness cannot be overstated – it is a critical component for achieving excellence in the profession. And that’s why we embrace this. If you work with us, you will experience the added value yourselves.


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