An independent team of engineers, technologists, support staff, and scientists that create chemistry. We work together with our clients but do not work for them to tell them what they want to hear. It’s the contrary; we do not stick to policies and cultural beliefs that block success. You hire us to create something awesome with a team that knows where they stand, knows their stuff, and provides sound expertise and clarity leveling with all people within the organization. We are that type of specialist.



In a wonderful world with challenges. A world where the use of chemicals, life sciences- and food engineering play a key role in life as we know it. It provides our fuels, building & packaging materials, foods and pharmaceuticals and very important: Squishies & Silly Putty! Anything you can touch, eat and drink is a result of chemistry & life sciences is how we see it.

Challenges are there to be overcome. Climate change enforces the industry to reduce its emissions, many installations that we love are end of life, and we collaborate in a transition from a linear to a circular economy. We embrace the use of technologies such as big data to create a more digital and autonomous environment to make skillful use of automation and data analysis to become more efficient. We love challenges in terms of safety and are can develop understanding, almost in real-time, about your risks and how to manage them effectively. At the end of any assignment, we want you to look back at moments that were though, and that we have been a pain in the ass at times. But we always want you to say that you were so happy to have worked with us!


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