There is a lot we can say about project management, but the essence is achieving specific goals within given constraints. It is about the management and control of time, quality, people, stakeholders, and budget.

At Chemploy, we distinguish  2 types of project management:

  1. Engineering project management;
  2. R&D project management.

Although both types have many similarities as they both try to achieve a goal under certain constraints. Both have an increasing complexity with increasing scale.

Over the years, we have noticed some distinct differences that required different ‘types’ of project managers that we assigned to our clients projects:

Engineering project management

  • The result is known and delivered within a set timeframe and budget;
  • It makes use of proven tools, systems and technologies;
  • Schedules are detailed;
  • Risks are known beforehand and are dealt with accordingly;
  • Does not necessarily require a subject matter expert (but is often helpful);
  • Less focus on IP safeguarding (if any);
  • Projects are often already highly prioritized within the organization.

R&D project management

  • The outcome of an R&D project is unknown. If you know the result already, there is little need to perform R&D;
  • Often requires technologies that are not (fully) developed yet;
  • Schedules are less detailed. We rather speak of rather milestones with GO/NO GO criteria;
  • Usually requires a technical specialist with a background in the field;
  • Most risks reveal themselves along the execution of the project and are to be dealt with once they arise;
  • Much focus on the safeguarding and protection of IP;
  • Projects often require effort to be prioritized and supported throughout the organization.

We work with project managers having relevant accreditations such as PMI, IPMA, or Prince-II. They have the skills that you may expect from a project manager such as planning & organizing, risk & contract management, communication, task and quality management, and cost control. In addition; our project managers are not afraid to speak out and have a good sense of humor too.