We love healthy foods, and it is our passion to enable organizations to feed the world in a healthy, sustainable way using the expertise of our people.

There are many organizations in this field that we have served and will happily serve in the future.
These are active in:

  • dairy;
  • sugars, starches, and potatoes;
  • candy;
  • savoury & snacks;
  • greens, fruits, and vegetables;
  • flavours and fragrances;

Have we served them all? No, we haven’t. Actually, we’d love to serve the beer brewing, coffee & tea, and meat replacement industry with our expertise and skills but haven’t done so yet. Meanwhile; we have engaged in brewing our own beers. Why? Why not!

What can we do?

Product Development

  • research and development on food texture;
  • replacement of ingredients;
  • taste research;
  • development of novel foods and drinks.

Process Development

  • process Design (CIP);
  • mixing and blending;
  • spray drying;
  • evaporation;
  • extraction;
  • heating and cooling;
  • membrane separations;
  • centrifugation;
  • PAT (Process Analytical Technology).