Chemistry is, as it is in our name, at the heart of what we do.
Within Chemploy, you will find a dedicated team of chemists with varying backgrounds to work on the challenges of today and tomorrow’s future.

What do we offer?

Expertise on organic synthesis

We provide synthetic expertise to a variety of industries. Off course; we work for several CRO’s (contract research organizations), and you’ll find us at some pharmaceutical companies, but you will find us also in other industries and domains where we convert CO2 into valuable building blocks, convert biomass into a wide range of platform chemicals or make paint and coating additives.

We can:

  • Design and optimize new synthetic routes and sequences, both “bottom-up” as well as “top-down” (retrosynthesis)
  • Scale up your chemistry from mg to kg scale (Process scale-up).
  • Create the link between your R&D and CMO’s; we ensure that they have all the necessary information to perform custom synthesis for you.
  • Develop processes for organic and inorganic blends
  • Support and troubleshoot tolling activities
  • Perform sidestream management and where possible valorize the sidestream
  • Minimize waste and recycle where possible

We are familiar with various technologies such as:

  • batch processing (up to 10 m3)
  • continuous processing
  • continuous flow chemistry/ micro reaction technology

And off course; we can assist in the work up as we provide experience in:

  • crystallization
  • drying
  • evaporation
  • distillation
  • filtration
  • decolorisation
  • formulation

Some reactions we have experience with:

  • Diels Alder
  • aminations
  • condensations
  • esterification
  • Friedel-Crafts
  • Grignard;
  • halogenation (fluorination, chloronation and bromination)
  • hydrogenations
  • hydrogenations
  • hydroborations
  • cross coupling reaction
  • (Luche) reduction
  • Michael addition
  • electrochemical reactions
  • several organometallic reactions
  • ozonations and phosgenations, (from generators)