It is a pity to see that a lot of time, effort and money is wasted during the various stages of the hiring process. We want to shares some of the most obvious but often made hiring mistakes during the process. With a little more awareness, it is a little less effort.


Each position needs a different approach

Every position within a company is unique and has to be dealt with accordingly. Some methods to attract candidates can be very efficient, whilst the same method would not yield a single suitable candidate. Compare it with hunting; it takes different equipment and approaches to catch a fish than hunting a deer. You could try using a rifle to catch a fish, and accidentally, you may even catch one, but there are probably other methods that work better. The same applies to recruitment; some roles yield good candidates via referral recruitment. Other roles give better results when advertised on online or offline media, and in some selected cases: a specialised recruiter may be the one to turn to.



Once suitable candidates have been attracted, identified and sourced, it is time for the selection process; often, job interviews and other selection criteria such as assessments are involved here. This is the stage where most of the time, a lot of time, effort and money is wasted. 


Don’t be late!

Number one advice given to any applicant is to always be on time! The same applies to hiring managers. Of course, it can always happen that you are late for an interview (urgent issues to solve, a meeting that runs out etc.) but be so kind to inform the candidate. Never let him wait in the dark. Only one chance to make a first impression and being late is a good one to ruin it. A hiring manager being late for an interview is often a reason for a candidate to withdraw his candidature. Imagine that that person is the perfect candidate that you kept waiting.


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Prepare for the interview! 

The ideal candidate will have prepared for the interview; it will have absorbed all there is about the company, its culture, and the position. He expects the same preparation from his counterpart. It’s a pity to see that this is not always the case. I have heard many cases where the interviewer was unprepared for an interview: did not take any effort to read the resume in detail or even read it at all. A chance wasted.


Shut the phone off!

Any applicant that hires knows this: do not use your phone during an interview and shut it off before the interview commences. Well, the same behaviour is expected from the other side of the table. Don’t use your phone unnecessarily. Important phone call? If it is really important, you would never have your call in front of a candidate.


Wrong posture – not done!

Feet on the table? Yawning? A nonchalant posture? A great way to scare anyone away who might be interested in working for you or via you.

Yes, the hiring process is finding the right candidate for a position in your company. However, it is also helping candidates do something they love and helping a company grow and do what it is created to do. It is a two-way street; if you want to get the best out of people, be a good example by starting with yourself.

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