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We love healthy foods, and it is our passion to assist organizations in developing technologies that will feed the world in a healthy, sustainable way.

There are many organizations in this field that we have served and will happily serve in the future.

These are active in:

  • dairy;
  • sugars, starches, and potatoes;
  • candy;
  • savoury & snacks;
  • greens, fruits, and vegetables;
  • flavours and fragrances;

Have we served them all? No, we haven’t. Actually, we’d love to serve the beer brewing, coffee & tea, and meat replacement industry with our expertise and skills but haven’t done so yet. We have also never worked for the tobacco and meat slaughtering industry, and we foresee that this will remain to be the case.

What can we do?

Product Development

  • research and development on food texture;
  • replacement of ingredients;
  • taste research;
  • development of novel foods and drinks.

Process Development

  • process Design (CIP);
  • mixing and blending;
  • spray drying;
  • evaporation;
  • extraction;
  • heating and cooling;
  • membrane separations;
  • centrifugation;
  • PAT (Process Analytical Technology).