Like all companies, we strive for customer excellence, an appealing work environment where people can grow and flourish. But what differentiates us from any other company? The answer is: Our Culture. But what is our culture exactly? In order to find out, we conducted an external study, mapping the culture that defines us. 

Curious to hear about the outcomes? Read on! 


 Outsiders describe our company culture as: 

  • An environment in which a low hierarchical culture prevails, preferably with short lines, and in which to think together and one’s own view of things is encouraged or valued. 
  • A ‘free’ environment in which one doesn’t feel hampered by procedures, frameworks and/or unnecessary rules. 
  • An environment in which time and space are made for personal development and guidance (such as an Introduction program) or a mentor.  
  • An organizational culture in which people value each other. 
  • An organization or environment in which there is room for individuality and sometimes a less conventional business approach. 
  • An organization with tolerant and forgiving people who resolve disagreements using de-escalation and refrain from looking up the conflict with each other. 
  • An environment where people are not excessively busy with the pursuit of recognition and status.  
  • One organization where ‘just doing your job great’ and intrinsically expecting each other is the norm. 
  • An environment with opportunities to progress to another function combined with the possibility to develop within a function. 
  • A no-nonsense environment with a results-oriented and practical attitude. 
  • An organization in which the Communication is clear and knots are undone.  
  • An environment in which a ‘doers’ mentality prevails. 
  • An environment in which an appeal is made to one’s sense of responsibility. 
  • A motivating, result-oriented environment in which goals or targets are set and sufficient being challenged. 
  • An environment in which people are interested in each other, are sensitive and have true personal views and interests may play a role before taking (business) decisions. 
  • An organization in which people regularly challenge each other strongly with their own opinions and self-initiatives may take to determine the direction for themselves and others. 
  • An environment where persistence, hard work and persistence are highly valued and one does not constantly deal with changing priorities. 
  • An environment that appreciates that people have initiative, solve problems independently and where possible be able to make independent decisions. 

In conclusion, our work environment is characterized by a low hierarchical culture that encourages open thinking and individual perspectives. It provides freedom from excessive procedures and unnecessary rules while fostering personal development through mentorship and guidance. A culture of mutual respect and value, coupled with space for individuality and unconventional approaches, is essential. Conflict resolution, intrinsic motivation, and a focus on results create a motivating atmosphere. Clear communication, a sense of responsibility, and a no-nonsense attitude contribute to a practical and results-oriented approach. The organization should encourage self-initiative, personal connections, and collaborative decision-making. Lastly, valuing persistence and independent problem-solving while maintaining stability in priorities completes this optimal environment. Yeah! That’s us! 


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