Imagine this…

You’re finished work and driving home. You’re listening to the radio, enjoying some music. You’re thinking about the project you are working on at work or the work you need to do at home this weekend, such as mowing the lawn or fixing the garage. Before you know it, 30 minutes later, you’ve reached your driveway and realized you drove on automatic pilot; you can’t remember your ride home, you can’t remember cars you passed by or the surroundings. You realize this happens every day and that you’re not happy. There is more than this!

This is our life. We do things because we are used to them, sometimes it’s nice to have routine, peace and quietness, and something we are too long in a place, and we are seeking more growth and a positive change. If you’re the latter one, maybe we can help. 

Some of you know who we are, and some don’t. We thought it would be nice to introduce ourselves again. 


We create chemistry together by working collaboratively with our clients but staying away from policies and cultural beliefs that block success. We are hired to create something awesome with a team that knows where they stand and know their stuff. Providing clarity whilst levelling with all people within any organization.

That’s us!

Like all great companies, we strive for the best results, value excellence, and satisfied customers…

What is special about Chemploy, though, is how we:

  • Are guided by our 10 principles
  • Contribute to your personal growth and development
  • Envision management and leadership
  • Solve for the customer #SFTC
  • Offer extraordinary benefits for extraordinary people


Chemploy is an organization that becomes more awesome with passionate and like-minded talent. 

Are you a people person? Do you have experience in chemicals, food, or life sciences? Do you like being surrounded by people who are a little different and like to laugh?

Check our website and have a look at our VACANCIES

Didn’t find anything suitable? No problem. Just send us an open application, and we will be happy to see how we can help!

Ps. Did we tell you we work in a castle? 😌

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