Many service organisations focus on the quality of their products and services but neglect to consider how it permeates their entire organisation.

Quality can be embedded in your organisation in a number of ways.

#1. Hire for quality

Make sure you hire people passionate about delivering a high level of customer service. In other words, hire the type of people that would never want to disappoint a client by providing an inferior experience. Quality advocates will never think of increasing profits by lowering the standard of customer service.

#2. Improve your product and process quality

Reduce defects with a customer. If a customer returns a service product, you should offer them another service at no extra charge. If they have had to return the product because there was a defect, then ensure that they have had no detriment to their enjoyment or use of their product or service.

#3. Increase employee satisfaction

If your employees are happy, you will have a better work environment, and being happy with your work environment can help develop a happier attitude in offering service to your customers.

#4. Improve internal systems

Having poor internal systems can lead to customers being dissatisfied. For example, suppose staff can not find accurate information on their database. In that case, they will be unable to give the customer all the information they may need, which could lead to the customer leaving disappointed.

#5. Encourage critical thinking

Encourage your staff to think the way the customer thinks. This means that if you want a person to go through a problem in the way that a customer would go through it, then ask them to think about it from their point of view.

Okay… okay… another one 😉

#6. Create a culture of continuous improvement

Get everyone across your organisation on board with the idea of building on successes and improving areas that need work. You can achieve this by encouraging feedback from your customers.

Quality can be embedded in your organisation in a number of ways. However, it is important that you do not forget the importance of quality because a customer may not be able to tell when they have received poor-quality service.

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