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04 May 2020


King Midas over gold so much that he wanted everything he touches to transform in it. He was delighted until he went for dinner. Are we having the same with plastics?

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30 Apr 2020

EIB launches €700m bioeconomy financing

The European Investment Bank (EIB), the EU bank launched in early April a new financing initiative that aims to unlock close to €1.6 billion of investment in the agriculture and bioeconomy sector. The financing aims to...

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29 Apr 2020

Chemploy supports the World Initiative on Renewable Carbon.

The initiative; set up by the Nova Institut (DE) aims to motivate and inspire innovative organizations and stimulate the discussion on current topics of the bio- and CO2 based economy by creating new perceptions based on...

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20 Apr 2019

Transform your LinkedIn profile in no time into a professional resume!

Een stijlvol en up-to-date CV in één minuut maken? Download dan Ceev, de extensie voor Chrome! Je CV is je visitekaartje en voor jou en je potentiële nieuwe werkgever een eerste kennismaking. Het moet niet alleen...

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19 Apr 2019

Nobel Prize in chemistry for 3D images of molecules

This year the Nobel Prize in chemistry goes to a "cool microscope technology". The Swiss Jacques Dubochet, the German-born American Joachim Frank and the British Richard Henderson share the prize as developers of the cryo-electron microscopy,...

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