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Chemploy is a global consulting agency dedicated to attract best in class specialists and executives. We partner with chemical, material, food, and pharma organizations to create positive social change fostering innovation, sustainability and high performance. Chemploy uses industry insights and expertise gained from working with the world’s best-known companies to solve one of the sector’s toughest problems; finding and retaining the best in class professionals for an organization.

Who We Serve

We have served industrial sector organizations across the Netherlands; Belgium & Germany. Our clients include research institutions, innovative start ups, SME’s and multinationals in the chemistry; food; pharma and technology domain.

Our Approach

“For us it’s all about people. People are at the heart of everything we do.”

From the way we work collaboratively with our clients, we combine sector expertise with an innovative problem-solving mindset to make a direct and positive impact. Our work is inspired by the idea that the better we do for our clients, the better they can do for the people they serve. We believe in bespoke solutions; tailored to the current needs of your organization.