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It is our passion: connecting professionals and organisations in the chemical, food and life sciences industries and see them grow and develop. We are driven by the creation of chemistry between people.

We can truly say we are different. We combine our background in chemical engineering with our extensive experience in search and selection of specialists and executives. In addition; we offer bespoke solutions, have a deep insight of the market and your business. We take the time to listen properly and we can come up with solutions and ideas that might be a little out of the ordinary. Extraordinary businesses require extraordinary approaches.

From the establishment of our organization; we have based our services on extraordinary principles that distinguish us. Some of our core values are;

  • Honest & Appropriate; the reimbursement for our services is to be honest and appropriate.
  • Clear Market Focus; Specialists and Executives in chemicals; food, life sciences or related.
  • Bespoke services and a personal approach; are central in what we do.

in the end; we are Proud and Grateful. Proud that we work for leading organizations, contributing to growth and innovative abilities. Grateful that we can help people to obtain the career of their dreams.

Off course; there is much more that we can tell about us but that is not what is important: we like to hear more about you! We invite you to contact us or even better; visit us at our headquarters; Genbroek’s Castle.

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